Combine days of sport fishing

with the art and history

The Tuscan territory offers a wide variety of waterways ranging from fast waters to the valley bottom rivers with big blades, which gives a possibility to practice all fly fishing techniques as dryfly, euro-nymphing, streamers etc for brown trout and grayling. Tuscany with its tail waters and easy wading permits to have a long fishing season with good river conditions almost all the time of the year and high fish activity during all the day, even when the temperature is very hot.

All the locations in Tuscany, ideal for practicing the fly fishing exciting sports discipline, are located close to cities of historical and artistic interest, allowing you to combine intense days of sport fishing with a visit to these important art and history centres, or hiking in the beautiful Tuscan countryside observing the world famous cypress hills.

Florence, Lucca, Cortona, Montalcino, Arezzo are just a few of the cities near the fishing grounds that will enrich your stay. One of the great benefits of the fishing experience in Tuscany lies in the vast array of activities apart from fishing itself. While the fly fisherman/woman enjoys the day on the river , his/her travelling and non-fishing companions will never feel bored, exploring the ancient Roman and Etruscan heritage , visiting Tuscan cooking classes or the famous Chianti wine tastings.

All the fly fishing activities are accompanied by the professional fly fishing guide service in English, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian language.

Thanks to the collaboration with our partners, Fly Fishing Guide Italy can offer a full range of services to create the perfect and personalized itinerary for you. We do not sell tours, but assist to create your next adventure with the focus on fly fishing experience and at the same time paying attention to each detail of your travel needs. Fly Fishing Guide Italy personally select the typical local hotels, charming agriturismo, family farm houses, wineyards and restaurants where you can feel the famous Italian hospitality and taste Tuscan cuisine.

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