“There is certainly something

in angling that tends

to produce a serenity of mind”

– Washington Irving

Fly Fishing Guide Italy

The Ladies & Gentlemen sport, true phylosophy and lifestyle

Our project was created to inspire the passion for fly fishing within newcomers, amateurs and professionals and to provide a possibility to exercise in your favorite hobby even when you are far away from your familiar home country waters. We are aiming to share our expert knowledge, gained throughout the years of practice, competitions, travel and research in fly fishing, with the fly fishermen & women, who want to explore the world’s clearest waters in the search of the wild natural fish species. We offer a chance to try and improve your fishing skills with the professional guide support, using relevant techniques, adapted to the local river conditions.

Please contact us to get more information the individual fly fishing guide service for beginner/intermediate/expert levels, specific classes of different techniques training (casting, modern euronymphing etc), expert consulting and many more.

Our Philosophy

Fly fishing is not just a sport or a hobby, this is a way of life, a true philosophy and lifestyle, that connects you to the magnificent world of the wild nature, opens your mind and teaches you to respect and preserve the natural resources.


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