Fly fishing in

its purest form

Fly Fishing Guide Italy partner Northern Lights Lodge specializes in guided fly fishing vacations on world-class rivers in British Columbia, Canada! Experience catching wild native Rainbow trout that have likely never been caught before. This is fly fishing in its purest form. This unique strain of Rainbow Trout do not spawn until they are seven to eight years old. That means they do not go through the stress of spawning during this period. In fact, they do nothing but grow, requiring them to become voracious feeders in order to survive in their completely natural environment. They live to be 12 to 13 years old and have been described by Fishery Biologists as being a “landlocked Steelhead".

Northern Lights Lodge has offered exceptional fishing for over sixty years and has specialized in river fly fishing for the past twenty years. With a unique strain of wild native Rainbow & Bull trout inhabiting this spectacular region, the Northern Lights Lodge is fortunate to be able to offer world class fly fishing that will rival wild natural river fisheries anywhere.

Northern Lights Lodge is a model for what lodges should be. The quality of the lodge experience along with this pure Rainbow Trout fishery enabled our partners to become a world recognized destination fly fishing lodge.

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