The dorado fishing, one on the most

exciting and challerging

Welcome to Fly Fishing Guide Italy partner Don Joaquin Luxury River Lodge for the ultimate fresh water fly fishing of the golden dorado in the Corriente and Parana Rivers of Argentina! Known as the “river tiger” fishing the dorado is one of the most exciting and challenging fishing experiences due to it’s fighting abilities.

The dorado, with it’s great weight and strength, is a powerful fighter who strikes aggressively, leaps high and runs hard. Once on the hook the dorado will fight until the end with its impressive stamina and give you a battle unlike any other you’ve experienced.

Tucked away on the banks of the Corriente River in the city of Esquina in Argentina this hidden gem offers prized fresh water Dorado fly fishing in a truly spectacular wetland wilderness. Family owned and operated, at Don Joaquin River Lodge the guests are treated with the very warmest Argentine hospitality. You will experience the thrill of sport fishing the famous golden dorado on pristine rivers, share delicious meals with friends and relax in the elegantly decorated lodge and guest rooms.

The standards of the lodge are high and aimed to provide you with a trip of a lifetime. The lodge welcomes anglers of all skill levels, and makes it a great fly fishing, horseback riding and relaxing destination both for fishermen&women and your non-angling travelling companions.

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