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In any craft, sport or a new activity , it is essential to find the master, who would guide you on the way of your skills development to ensure you constantly improve your results. Master is “maestro” in Italian and we believe to be the maestro of fly fishing, one of the worlds’ most sophisticated kinds of sport.

We work only in several locations, to study which we dedicated a lot of our time and efforts. Our team had an honour to guide the National USA Fly Fishing Team during the WFFC held in Italy in 2018, which proves the genuine and expert level of our service.

We also believe that you may never stop in your fly fishing skills improvement, even on vacation! As our approach gives way to combine your favourite hobby and pastime with an amazing travel itinerary, even if your travel companions are not keen on fishing.

World Champions 2022

Double GOLD medal both for team and individual competitions of USA Masters Fly Fishing Team on the 7th World Masters Fly Fishing Championship 2022 in Trentino, Italy.
Proud of having been part of this great team as the guide and of our historic result achieved together!

“The trout gives the most gentlemanly and readiest sport of all, if you fish with an artificial fly, a line twice your rod’s length of three hairs’ thickness…

and if you have learnt the cast of the fly.”

– William Lawson , editor notes to “The Secrets of Angling” by John Dennis. 1613


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Thanks to the collaboration with our partners worldwide, now we offer our guided fly fishing experience in various destinations around the globe, and a selection of our partners’ services to give a fly fishing traveler a possibility to complete the personalized trip, be it a daily tour or a longer adventure with lodging at the supreme venues with characteristic accommodation and local food & beverage accompaniment.


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